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Ultimate Reset – Day 7

Can’t believe that this first week is ending. I’m so wicked proud of myself for sticking to the program.  This program definitely takes a lot of will power, but the benefits far outweigh anything else.  The mental clarity is awesome. I sleep so well and my cravings have greatly IMG_4229diminished.  I was the girl who would crave caffeine like it’s nobody’s business: coffee in the morning, crystal light energy mix throughout the day, and maybe a Diet Coke as a treat. Not good.  Plus, I have an unbelievably delicious bakery next door to my office that makes the best cookies. To not have those cravings is just so amazing to me.  I love it!!

Today, also marks the last day of meat/fish.  I’m definitely a little nervous to start Week 2, but I am definitely looking forward to feeling even better.

Breakfast: Chocolate Vegan Shakeology

Lunch: Salad with cucumbers, peppers, and hummus

Dinner: Salmon, couscous with coconut aminos, and asparagus

The coconut aminos were really good.  It definitely has a lighter taste, compared to soy sauce, but I really liked them.  Plus, it only has two ingredients: coconut tree sap and salt.

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