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Ultimate Reset – Day 6

Never, did I ever think that I would pack my meals on days that I don’t work.  Yet, I have done that for the past 3 days. Woohoo!! I started the reset on a Wednesday, because that was the recommended day from the program.  Days 3 – 5 are usually the hardest, so they recommend that you are home for those days. I found that the weekend is a lot harder than my normal daily routine during the week. I have so much structure during the day and on the weekend, I just don’t stick to that schedule.  Everywhere we went thIMG_4212is weekend, I brought my distilled water, lunch, optimize pills, and alkalinize pills. I totally felt like a bag lady, but super proud of myself to sticking to it.

I had been looking for Coconut Aminos, as an alternative to Bragg’s Liquid Aminos.  It totally amazes me how many seasonings contain soy.  Most stores don’t carry it, but Vitamin Shoppe does and for half the cost of Amazon. Sold.

Here was the food that I had today:

Breakfast – Vegan Strawberry Shakeology with frozen blueberries and ice (My favorite)

Lunch – Salad with cucumbers, peppers, homemade vinaigrette and hummus.

Dinner – Sweet potato and asparagus


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