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Ultimate Reset – Day 5

The morning started off so exciting. I weighed myself and am down 3.5 lbs from the start of the Reset.  I finally have bypassed the 20 lb mark and have lost 21.5 lbs from the beginning in January.

I started the day off with some oatmeal with blueberries.  Definitely was craving some coffee this morning, but I’ve been caffeine free for 4 days and I am not going back to the headaches from withdrawal.  My coworker had a baby last week and my coworkers wanted to do something other than flowers for her. She loves donuts, so I volunteered to bring them to her from Naughty Girl Donuts. Donuts are totally a downfall for me, especially ones that were just made and smell so delicious.  Ugh….but I didn’t cave. Success. IMG_4198

The day was crazy busy and I didn’t get to eat my lunch until around 3:45. I was so surprised that I wasn’t starving.  Gone are all of my cravings for food. It’s amazing.  I had a salad again with black beans.

Ariel and I had date night at the range. It was a blast. Usually, we would go out to dinner, but it’s a bit difficult to do that on the Reset. Instead we came home and cooked salmon, asparagus and sweet potato.

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