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Ultimate Reset – Day 17 – Day 20

Definitely miss having protein in my diet.  This 3rd week is all about refueling your body with fruits and veggies.  At first it didn’t seem too bad, but I’m definitely missing having beans and nuts….especially almond butter.  I have found that I get exhausted pretty quickly throughout the day. This is probably my body telling me that I need more sleep, also.  My energy definitely takes a large dip in the afternoon, so I’ve been having 13D-Bookshot-SuperLife1/2 a scoop of Shakeology, as a snack.  That has definitely been a huge help.

I started reading Darin Olien’s book Superlife. It is phenomenal and really gives the “why” of the Reset. I highly recommend it. I definitely wish that I had read it before the Reset, but now I understand “why” the water you drink is distilled and what eating raw fruits and veggies does for your body.  Super amazing how powerful food is.

Can’t believe there is one more day left. I’ll make sure to post my before and after shots.

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