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Hey y’all….I am Katy Banagan. I am a proud wife to my firefighter husband, Ariel, and mama to my precious toddler, Gabriella.

In January 2015, I found myself at a huge crossroad in my life, feeling tired, anxious, and unsure of how to move forward in the direction of my dreams. New Years came and I was tired of my own excuses… tired of watching my life pass by… and I recently started to unearth my big dreams and START FRESH, taking some steps to move towards them once again! I started with the ONLY thing I had complete control of changing, MYSELF! I knew the only way I would feel confident in my new direction was to work from the INSIDE::OUT! — I was selected to join an online community of women just like me, who were focused on their own fitness, nutrition, and offered support and accountability, and through that group, I have found myself once again!

In February 2015, I took a huge leap of faith. I knew in my heart that God had a bigger plan for my life, than what I was currently doing. I wanted to be associated with people that aligned with my priorities and values and I found that with Beachbody. It’s amazing when you surround yourself with a supportive culture, make your health a priority, and feed your mind with positive personal development, what an amazing effect it has on your life. In this short amount of time, not only have I lost weight and gained a healthier lifestyle, but I have also been able to share this lifestyle with others through my challenge groups and with my family. What an incredible blessing! I am so passionate about helping others to make their health a top priority and to become the best version of themselves. I truly have found that in becoming a better ME, I am therefore a better wife and mama.

I had heard it so many times before, that when you do something that you love, it doesn’t feel like work. But I never experienced that feeling until I became a Coach. I wake up so excited to begin the day. Who doesn’t want to experience that feeling each and every morning?

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