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Ultimate Reset – Day 17 –...

Ultimate Reset – Day 17 – Day 20

Definitely miss having protein in my diet.  This 3rd week is all about refueling your body with fruits and veggies.  At first it didn’t seem too bad, but I’m definitely missing having beans and nuts….especially almond butter.  I have found that I get exhausted pretty quickly throughout the day. This is probably my body telling […]

Ultimate Reset – Day 15 and Day...

Ultimate Reset – Day 15 and Day 16

I made it to Week 3!!!  So wicked proud of myself.  This next week is definitely going to be challenging, since there are no grains or beans allowed.  I stocked up on berries and veggies for this week.  This is my menu for the week: Breakfast – 3 cups worth of blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, kiwi […]

Ultimate Reset – Day 9 – ...

Ultimate Reset – Day 9 – Day 14

Week 2 recipes, included many that I was not able to eat due to my soy allergy, so I took the 2 recipes that I was able to eat and made those for dinner each night. I made the sweet potato with roasted red pepper soup that was featured on my recap on Day 8. […]